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Nanjing Shentian Hoisting Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, specializing in the design and manufacture of wire rope electric hoist series lifting equipment products. In recent years, the company has paid special attention to the improvement of product safety performance and independently developed the STM type terminal safety brake electric hoist. In November 2016, it passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, filling the domestic gap, and its safety performance surpassed that of foreign counterparts. product.


Production R&D

The BCD-G/BMD-G type explosion-proof double brake and the BCD-M/BMD-M type explosion-proof end brake electric hoist developed by Requirements for flammable and explosive places with high safety performance requirements.


Application field

Products are widely used in factories, mines, docks, freight yards, warehouses and other common places, military industry, national defense, nuclear power, aviation, aerospace and other fields with high safety performance requirements.


Marketing market

Continuously improve product quality and service quality, through equipment update, technological innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation, to make "Shentian" lifting machinery higher in quality and more reasonable in price, and strive to make "Shentian" a better crane in the lifting machinery industry. A powerful company

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Our company always adheres to the principle of quality for development and quality for survival, and continues to enhance the strength of the Shentian brand

08 2019-06
What intelligent functions does the European crane have?
What intelligent functions does the European crane have? With the development and application of European crane intelligent module, European crane can be upgraded and expanded to realize intelligent handling. Let's study the specific intelligent functions with the technicians of Weihua Nanjing Branch!
22 2021-07
Service environment of a-hook gantry crane
The hook gantry crane is composed of bridge, crane operating mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. The bridge adopts box welded structure, and the crane operating mechanism adopts separate drive. All mechanisms are operated in the control room, and the wireless remote controller can be modified for operation. The conductive form of crane is divided into cable and sliding contact wire, and any one can be selected when ordering. When selecting the hook gantry crane, the order specification form must be filled in, and the minimum and maximum temperature of the working environment and power supply must be indicated.
10 2020-12
What is the reason why the electric hoist can not work normally?
In daily operation, the electric hoist wins with the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance. If it fails to work normally, the main reasons are as follows: first, check whether the power fuse is burned out.
02 2020-01
What is the function of the hook of the gantry crane?
What is the function of the hook of the gantry crane? The important reason for the instability of the lifting object of the gantry crane is that when the crane or trolley operating mechanism starts, because this process suddenly changes from static to moving state, the crane will swing laterally when starting, and the trolley will swing longitudinally. If it swings together, it will swing obliquely.

service support

Our company's products are in use for any reason, after receiving the user's request for service, we will reply within 1 hour and send personnel to the scene for service within 24 hours (domestic)


Nanjing Shentian Hoisting Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008,Afte13 years of development, there is a vast sky here, where you can fly

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